Building a pair of wrought iron gates



Designing the gate is the first hurdle in building a gate

stile bars
gate frame
vertical bars
scroll panels
gate top
acanthus leaves
This winter's project is to make two iron gates to fit matching granite framed entrance ways. The owner wanted the gates to be reminisent of the main entrance gates on his old house in Newport RI so we decided to use the gate overthrow as the basis of the new gates' design. I drove to Newport to photograph the gates and to see up close the details of the gates. They are BIG, the average scantling for the scrollwork in the gates is one inch by two inches so I wanted the new gates to be quite robust and heavy. The acanthus leaves on the original gate are made of iron and guilded but the owner wanted the new gates to have copper leaves, gold leafed, that makes the project even more fun for me.

Making scaled drawings is important in order to get a feel for how the design balances out. The two doorways are different both in height and width, so there is one short fat gate and one tall skinny one.
I made a full size rendering on plywood and set it up in the entrance way in order to make judgements on height width density of the scroll patterns etc, and everyone was happy enough to go ahead with scaled drawings