Clint the Blacksmith

I actually started thinking about iron when I was quite young. but the real turning point was in 1965 or so when my family visited Saugus Ironworks in Sharon Mass. The facility was newly restored by a private group and they were actually hammering out blooms on a 500 pound water hammer. That scene stuck with me for a long time and around 1970, with the help of my grandfather I bought an anvil and a cast iron forge and started to fiddle with forging. I managed to get hired by Mystic Seaport Museum when I was 15 and spent summers and weekends in the J.D. Driggs Shipsmith Shop, teaching myself how to get what I needed out of a coal fire and across the top of a big anvil. A short time in the military and some post secondary school punctuated my metal work but those side trips were always brief. I operated the Mountain Village Blacksmith Shop from 1977 to 1980 and then moved back to Mystic Seaport for ten years to make restoration parts for historic ships. I left the museum in 1991 and opened Garden Gate Blacksmith Shop in an old leaky machine shop. It was in that old wooden building where I aquainted myself with gates and railings. I moved the shop in 2000 to the Noank foundry which is quite luxurious compared to some of the old shops I worked in. I don't really advertise myself as a particular specialty and still enjoy making some hardened tools, House hardware and bronze yacht fittings. The backbone of my work, though is fences and railings