Building a pair of wrought iron gates




We are going to call this page the Gate Frame page and that may suggest that we are going to go ahead and assemble the major portion of the gate but as we will see we still have a bunch of details to take care of first

fitted hinge          
  Warm weather and no snow storms allowed to return to the site and hang the gates plumb. The hinges are now permanently riveted and welded to the stile bars and we can now add some serious weight . The first peice to add is the top bar of the gate. This is a peice of one inch square stock bent to a two and a half foot radius. It has been cut to fit the top of the gate and welded on inn one peice. It will be cut in the center a little later.  
The vertical bars are all fitted and ready to rivet up but there is one more set of scrolls which need to be made removable so I want to make them and drill all of the fastening holes on the drill press before assembling all these parts.  
Once these holes are drilled and tapped the lower lock bar can be welded and all of the tennons will be set down.  
Now that the lock bar scrolls are situated the top verticle bars are fitted and the top arch is cut. Now we are back to two separate gate sections and the center bars will be fitted The center bar is made of two peices of metal which are rivet together, along their lengths at right angles to each other. Sort of like an angle iron. Small rivet tabs were forged and drilled to fasten the two peices together.  
The tabs were first riveted to the center bar then the face peice was drilled to receive the ends. The whole thing was then riveted together into the andle iron shape and can now be welded to the center of the gate.  
  Broken anvil on Martha's Vineyard    
I am welding a thin/ wide peice of steel to the top of the gate which will be the foundation for the scroll over throw on top of the gate. This "shadow bar" is centered on tyhe top arch and firmly welded in place  
  The last couple of days have been used to fill in a lot of small details which need to be done before the "door is closed" by actually puting the frame together, so now is the time to take a deep breath and look at the gate as a whole and see how these details play together.    
These two pictures show most of the features of the lower part of the south gate. The left side of the gate will now be assembled, then the north gate will be brought up to the same state.    
Building the Overthrow
Garden Gate